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Hi, I’m Sam and I’m junior treasurer of EdVet. I was told at secondary school that I should aim to do veterinary as more of a “hobby” because I wasn’t going to get the grades required to get onto the course. After moving to a different sixth form, I was given so much more help, but after seriously under-performing during AS levels I realised a vet school application would be a long shot, so I decided to take a year out. My year out gave me an opportunity to go travelling and get lots more work experience all over the world. I hope to make some useful contributions to EdVet over the next couple of years in order to help students from all different backgrounds that aren’t quite offered the support that they should be. 

What Is EdVet?

​Hi I'm Hannah and I'm the Marketing and Liaison Officer for EdVet. I got into Vet school on my second application after taking a gap year (the best year ever!). Applying for uni is incredibly stressful so I hope we can help you in your application and your future in vet school!

About edvet edvet vet school application

EdVet is a student led organisation in its early days, aiming to help widen participation in Veterinary medicine, following in the footsteps of the highly successful, award winning 'EdMed'. We are comprised primarily of veterinary students, but look to expand our horizons to include new graduates who are keen to share their experiences and priceless knowledge on how best to prepare for that first day in practice! In addition to this EdVet is looking to have an advisory board consisting of academics, clinicians and career advisers. All this will help us in the future to develop teaching sessions aimed at giving prospective veterinary students the information and starter skill set they need to make a strong application to study this highly competitive course. Our main aim in produce this site is to help prospective students through the application process into Vet School and give them an idea of what life as a veterinary student may entail. 

EdVet is a non-profit organisation and relies on contributions from Institutions to cover travel, equipment and convenience costs for future in school session as well as the running cost of the website. 

EdVet currently works in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, The University of Liverpool Guild of Students and Teachfirst. 

Hey guys I’m Ella. I’m the treasurer at EdVet. I came to uni straight from my school in North Wales. I’ve always wanted to be a vet since I was little. The past few years have been a crazy whizz of meeting new people, exam stress and learning some vital new vetty skills. It has gone so quickly so make sure you make the most of every stage of getting to be a vet, including school!

Meet the Committee

 Hi everyone I’m Lucy the President of EdVet. I came straight to university from school but looking back I think a gap year might have stopped my constant urge to travel! It was a big change coming to uni but I have loved every minute of it! I have found it very important both throughout school and university to make sure you keep some time for yourself – we all love veterinary but it isn’t healthy to let it take over – so have hobbies – whether its sports, drama, music or art and that makes you more attractive to the universities too so it’s a win-win! Have a look at the website and contact us with any comments or queries – we would love to hear from you!


I’m Natalie, your current Junior Vice President of EdVet and I manage our website. I always preach is having hobbies, and lots of them! Don’t let studying take over your life, vet school can be intense. My wide array of hobbies includes Hockey, Jiu Jitsu and showing our family’s kennel of Scottish Deerhounds. Work life balance is so important and I believe mine strengthened my application to vet school. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Hey! I’m Sammie and I’m the junior president of EdVet. I didn’t get into veterinary on my first application so I took a gap year and got heaps more work experience before receiving an offer from Liverpool. Looking back I am so grateful for my gap year so if you don’t get in first time don’t be disheartened! It was amazing taking time out of education to just enjoy myself. I hope you find EdVet helpful, I would have loved to have this resource when I was applying. Please feel free to contact us with any queries or feedback, we would love to hear from you. Good luck!

Hi Everyone! I'm Emma and I am co-vice president of EdVet. I didn't get into veterinary medicine on my first application and so I took a gap year to travel around the world and gain more veterinary experience. Lots of people don’t get into veterinary first time and it can be a great opportunity, so anyone in the same situation shouldn't feel disheartened! EdVet can hopefully offer some advice and reassurance for applicants!

Hi I’m Alice and I’m the secretary of EdVet. I am really excited to be part of EdVet as I was the only vet school applicant from my school and I would have loved to have had this sort of resource when I was applying. Hope this is useful!

I’m Holly and I am part of the junior committee. I am in my second year of veterinary science and I am focused on enjoying every moment, even though the workload can be really stressful. I had a gap year before starting university and so I was able to spend some time travelling and working in various job roles that aren’t veterinary related. I am so glad now that I allowed myself to take a break from studying and have some fun! I am from Wiltshire and still love being able to go home for walks in the countryside with my dog.

Hello I’m Lauren and I’m the junior Secretary at EdVet and I’m also in my 4th year at Liverpool. I got into Vet School on my 3rd application after studying a Zoology Degree and having a gap year. I’m from the little Northern town of Wigan! I am so thrilled to be part of EdVet and I am excited to be helping prospective Vet students! It took me years to get into Veterinary so don’t be disheartened, you CAN do it! Good luck to you all, we hope you find EdVet useful J

Meet our Junior Committee


Hi I’m Livvy and I am the co-vice president of EdVet. I spent a little longer getting into vet school, a gap year followed by a couple years studying Zoology BSc before finally getting an offer onto the undergraduate programme at Liverpool! So I have plenty of experience in multiple applications, retakes the works. This website aims to help EVERYONE who wishes to apply to vet school no matter your background, school, experience or age so get stuck in and see what we can do for you.​