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Heather Wilson - Junior Secretary
Route to vet school: Straight from Sixth Form having done Chemistry, Biology and Maths at A level. I missed the grades for my offer but still got in! 
Most apprehensive about before vet school: Being able to have fun at uni despite the high workload! But everyone on the course feels the same and wants to have fun, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with stuff and have a “normal” uni experience like students on other courses. 
Love most: How friendly everyone on the course is. It's like one big family and there's always people to talk to if you need to. We have a great support network within the vet school too. 

Amy Brown - Junior Treasurer & Sponsorship Secretary
Route to vet school: Guidance on applying to veterinary wasn’t the best at my school and having not achieved the entry requirements first time, I’ve taken one of the longest routes possible! I studied Zoology and Applied Bioscience followed by a masters in Animal Welfare Science before taking my place at Liverpool!  

Most apprehensive about: I’m definitely most apprehensive about starting rotations next year! I think when you’ve been sitting in a lecture hall for 3 years, the thought of having to know it all and use what you’ve learnt in real cases scares you!  
Love most: I love how close knit the veterinary community is! Everyone helps each other out and supports one another no matter what. The five years can seem long and hard at times and so having some extra support from likeminded people definitely helps!  


Sarah Peers - Junior Vice President

Route to vet school: I had a fairly traditional route to vet school, coming straight from A Levels. However, being the only applicant from my school the support was limited and I often felt a bit neglected compared to the medics!
Most apprehensive about before vet school: Exams and managing to progress to the next year! The volume of knowledge can seem daunting when it comes to revision time but there is so much support and help which eases the nerves a lot!
Love most: Definitely how practical the course is! We do a large amount of dissections, clinical skills and other hands on activities! It’s  so useful to apply your knowledge and put what you’ve learned in lectures to practice!

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Katie Williams - Lead Ambassador
Route to vet school: I got into vet school first time from sixth form after taking biology, chemistry and maths A levels. 
Most apprehensive about before vet school: I was most apprehensive about the workload, but as long as you’re organised I’ve found it’s not too bad managing it and everyone else is in the same situation! 
Love most: I most love the community of the vet school. There are so many socials that you get to meet so many people and there’s lots of opportunities to make friends.

Laura Ingram - Junior President

Route to vet school: My route to vet school would be what they call ‘traditional’. But let me tell you, when I was one of the few baby faces, fresh from school in my year, I realised coming directly from school at 18, is now a rarity! I was lucky to have a student apply for Veterinary Science in the year above me at school, so my school were quite equipped on guiding me through the process. 
Most apprehensive about before vet school: Starting University was daunting, I didn’t like the idea of an inconsistent timetable and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my hobbies like playing netball and horse riding. After a couple of weeks, I realised that ‘down time’ is just as important as work mode and I easily made time to do all the things I loved and still now, nearly 3 years on, I manage my time to fit everything in. 
Love most: I love the opportunities vet school and university in general has. The extra sessions of anatomy drawing classes, Ski trips, listening to Nigel Owens discuss mental health and LGBT, trips to Newmarket Races and not the one not too miss… AVS sports weekend, are all the amazing bonus’ our degree bring. The people are pretty awesome too!  


Hannah Sharkey - Social media secretary 
Route to vet school: I came straight to university after studying A levels - (Bio, Chem and Geography). 
Most apprehensive about before vet school: Being able to manage the work load at vet school (people used to say you had no free time!) and being in a big, new, city! It’s not true about having no free time!  
Love most: The variety of EMS placements to get stuck into and having such a close knit sociable year group, everyone knows each other.

EdVet is a student led organisation comprised primarily of veterinary science students. The purpose of our website is to help prospective students through the application process into vet school and give them an idea of what life as a veterinary student may entail. We are a non-profit organisation based in Liverpool, but we are a non-biased society and are in process of recruiting ambassadors at all the other UK vet schools! You may see us on open days and at interviews so you can chat to us about your application, your worries and any questions that you have about what being a vet student is like. We aim to inspire all of those that are working towards a career in veterinary science and hope to provide useful information and support to all of those applying.​​​

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Holly Gimmler - Social media & website secretary

Route to vet school: I had a gap year - I didn’t even get interviews the first time I applied, but I did really well in my A levels so I topped up my work experience and reapplied with my existing grades (in biology, chemistry and art). I had two unconditional offers by Christmas and I spent the rest of the year working, travelling and doing a mixture of vet and non-vet related things and I absolutely loved it! 
Most apprehensive about before vet school: Being the typical "vet student" and having enough fun. It is easy to get bogged down and spend all of your time working (which is exactly what I did at the end of A levels) but this really isn’t necessary and it’s not kind on your mind. I’ve got better at giving myself time to do other things outside of vet school and I am really enjoying my last year in Liverpool. 
Love most: Hands on practicals, especially anything with a live animal! 

Natalie - Senior Vice President

I always preach is having hobbies, and lots of them! Don’t let studying take over your life, vet school can be intense. My wide array of hobbies includes Hockey, Jiu Jitsu and showing our family’s kennel of Scottish Deerhounds. Work life balance is so important and I believe mine strengthened my application to vet school. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

​​Sammie - Senior President

I didn’t get into veterinary on my first application so I took a gap year and got heaps more work experience before receiving an offer from Liverpool. Looking back I am so grateful for my gap year so if you don’t get in first time don’t be disheartened! It was amazing taking time out of education to just enjoy myself. I hope you find EdVet helpful, I would have loved to have this resource when I was applying. Please feel free to contact us with any queries or feedback, we would love to hear from you. Good luck!

Sam Higgs - Senior Treasurer

I helped bring on the website when I was on the junior committee and I was also involved in keeping the sponsorship up to date throughout the year. I didn’t get the grades for vet school on the first application so I took a gap year to top up my work experience. In my spare time I play cricket and tennis - it is great to get involved with activities outside of the vet school too at university! Good luck with your application!

Lauren - Senior Secretary

I got into Vet School on my 3rd application after studying a Zoology Degree and having a gap year. I’m from the little Northern town of Wigan! I am so thrilled to be part of EdVet and I am excited to be helping prospective Vet students! It took me years to get into Veterinary so don’t be disheartened, you CAN do it! Good luck to you all, we hope you find EdVet useful.

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