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Antibiotics are used to treat many animal and human infections. The use of antibiotics can lead to resistance through genetic changes and mutations, meaning that the drug does not ‘kill the bug’ effectively. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a topical issue and it is the ability of a microorganism to stop antimicrobials from working against it. AMR is a growing problem and it is an important role and responsibility of the Medical and Veterinary profession to have good antibiotic stewardship.

The following website by IDEXX allows you to view the antibiotic resistance status in a specific region of the U.K (Petresist, 2017). Veterinarians must practice good antibiotic management and be responsible when administering antimicrobials. The following is a link to the critically important antibiotics in Veterinary Medicine:


Antibiotic resistance is a major concern for human and animal health and lots of research into resistance is being carried out worldwide. For more information, see the websites listed below:





POSTER from WHO: https://www.who.int/

Antimicrobial Resistance