Educating the Veterinary Students of Tomorrow

Recent Widening Participation Event

We have kicked off 2019 by delivering some sessions for year 11 and sixth-form students about "a day in the life of a vet student", with the goal of encouraging them to pursue a career in veterinary science and to show them what they can expect if they choose to study it. This has involved powerpoint presentations, a session showing the students how we are taught clinical skills (such as tying knots and lambing) and an anatomy discussion using radiographs & painted bones (provided by the Liverpool Veterinary Anatomy Society).

For Schools

School Visits

In 2016 we ran a workshop for students in year 12 who are interested in Veterinary Medicine! This involved learning some veterinary clinical skills, such as different bandaging techniques. This is a great opportunity for prospective veterinary students to ask questions about courses and getting into University. We hope to run some more of these sessions in the future.​​

From 2019, we are aiming to visit more schools to talk about studying veterinary. ​However, please bare in mind that we are a student run society and so our availability for outreach sessions has to work around university lectures. We are also on summer leave from June-September, during which time we will be unable to visit schools. Please get in touch if you require more information and we will do our best to help! 


​Here is our leaflet. Please contact us if you would like to be sent a printable PDF version!

"Your website is a fantastic resource and certainly takes me back to applying to vet school!"

"The leaflet will be a great resource for the students!"

Published Work

The first EdVet President, Lucy, did an interview with BBC Bitesize about why she wanted to become a vet. We are passionate about inspiring students to go into the veterinary profession and we hope to encourage younger children in the future too. We are thrilled that she has been able to share the positive aspects of being a vet now that she has graduated from Liverpool vet school. You can read more here! https://www.bbc.com/bitesize/articles/znmvwty​​

Lucy Hyams (picture from BBC bitesize)