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As the news frequently tells us, university is expensive. However, providing you will be an undergraduate (have not done a degree before) you can get a government loan to cover your tuition fees and your maintenance (to help you fund accommodation, food etc). If you will be a post graduate then fear not, maintenance loans are available if you are studying veterinary (as well as medicine and dentistry), unlike with other courses. The maintenance loan is means tested which means the amount you get per year depends on how much your parents earn. You will have to pay these loans back when you start earning after uni.
The student finance websites are linked below - there is a separate government finance system for each country within the UK. Please check the appropriate student finance website below - they are really helpful and if you have any questions, however specific to your situation, they are helpful so definitely ask them! Many universities also offer bursaries for students struggling to fund university.



Funding University

Educating the Veterinary Students of Tomorrow

Undertaking a veterinary degree can be expensive.  Here is a useful table from the University of Liverpool website, offering some guidance as to how much it will cost you: