Educating the Veterinary Students of Tomorrow

"When I had my first interview for veterinary medicine, I was completely unaware that universities would expect me to have a knowledge of recent topical issues in the veterinary field. After my first interview I realised I would have been a lot more confident if I had a general understanding of the main current issues affecting veterinary medicine in the UK.  I could have shown off my keen interest along with providing my own opinions confidently, rather than panicking because I hadn’t heard about the issue they were talking about! It isn’t necessary to provide correct answers to all the facts, it is more important to have a general background knowledge of the topic enabling you to open a discussion and show the clarity of analytical thought needed to become a good vet. Adequate research ahead of your interview will also enable you to feel comfortable discussing these issues with a professional. I would recommend basing some mock interview questions on topical issues, to allow you to practice and be more prepared for thinking on your feet and explaining your own opinions on topics you are not as familiar with." (Liverpool Vet Student, 2018)

Current Topical Issues

Notifiable diseases you should know about

Some interviews may require you to talk about some current topical issues within the Veterinary World. While we can't tell you about every single one happening at this present moment, the EdVet team have compiled a list of current topical issues we believe are important to know and educate yourself about. Many of these you may eventually learn about at Vet School but whether you utilise this list or not, it's a great resource to learn about the current triumphs and challenges within the Veterinary Profession.

In a veterinary interview you need to be able to show an appreciation of both sides of an argument and be able to discuss either side rationally, before offering your own balanced opinion. You can improve your interview preparation by ensuring you keep an eye on the news of The British Veterinary Association’s webpage (www.bva.co.uk), as it will show you the most recent updates on any important current issues. If anything major has occurred, it is quite likely they will ask you about it! You will also find the Defra website (www.defra.gov.uk) extremely helpful.