Educating the Veterinary Students of Tomorrow

Vet student blog 10 - 'Halfway there'

So in the photo for this post you can see an excited looking me stood outside the vet school building here in Liverpool. Why, you ask? That would be to celebrate the significance of this week for third year vet students across the U.K: we’re halfway there! The time here at vet school absolutely flies by and the idea that in two and half years time we’ll be fully qualified fledgling vets is terrifying.

However, we are more ready than we think. I have taken the time this week to think about just how much has changed since I started vet school: the skills I’ve gained; how my personality has adapted; my lifestyle; and of course the amazing community I am now part of.
The most obvious change would be the number of ‘Vetty’ skills I now have compared to when I first started vet school. I’ve gone from standing in the corner of consulting rooms being quiet to being asked to do physical exams on the patients, place catheters, take bloods, and even talk to the clients to find out how their pet has been getting on; all of these skills are things that just seemed Impossible to 19 year old me starting out at Liverpool vet school. It’s amazing how much you can learn in two and a half years!

The extent to which my day to day routine has changed is also pretty astounding; I have discovered a whole new meaning to the term ‘busy’ and have even started having to use diaries, calendars and checklists to make sure I stay on top of everything! Whilst I’m on campus, so much of my time is taken up with not only the immense workload associated with my course but also a whole host of societal responsibilities, like writing music or writing articles. The ‘holidays’ are no quieter as I seem to spend more time either in vet practices or on dairy farms than I spend in my own house! I am convinced my parents must think I don’t enjoy their company, but they are incredibly supportive of my new routines, even though one of my placements this year resulted in them gaining a really mischievous and cheeky cat! In short, I am constantly surprised how many different things I now find myself doing in a single day; I may run around like I’m on fire nowadays but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

As much as all the new skills and my busy timetable amaze me, I am most proud of the progress I’ve made with confidence since being at vet school. When I first came to Liverpool, I was super nervous and had plans to keep my head down and keep myself to myself. This has not exactly gone to plan! I now frequently find myself speaking in public be it running music rehearsals, speaking to prospective applicants and parents at open days, or most recently delivering short sections of speech to a couple of hundred people at the Applicant Discovery Days; back when I moved to Liverpool, I wouldn’t have even dared to dream I had that kind of confidence in me. Thank you Vet School!

So all in all, it’s been a pretty incredible couple of years with unforgettable experiences thanks to an amazing place and even better people. Here’s to the next two and a half years!