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Vet Student Blog 4 - "A very musical Christmas"

November 2018

This week has been super super busy! As well as back to back lectures almost every day of the week and coursework to complete, with only two weeks to go before we all go home for Christmas, music has been demanding quite a lot of attention!

Thursday of this week was Appugiatura’s (aka Vet Band) first EVER performance (cue excited squeak!!) with thanks to Liverpool a University Music Society who gifted us with a slot at their winter concert. Tuesday’s rehearsal left me feeling really rather excited for the upcoming event, even more so after getting into the Christmas mood with a great gig with the Liverpool University Big Band! After weeks of hard work (and to be honest a fair share of stress!) it’s safe to say I was incredibly relieved and overwhelmingly proud when all the band members managed to pull a flawless performance out of the bag this Thursday night!

Of course, putting on a performance for people to enjoy takes its share of planning and can be quite time consuming!! Although I cannot take credit for organising the concert (all credit to the LUMS committee!!) the organisation of our set was not without its challenges: making sure everybody knows when and where they’re meant to be; organising sheet music; making sure all the parts are covered and nothing is missing; sorting out sound check times; and of course rehearsing the music, something all members of Appugiatura have worked incredibly hard on over the last few weeks. But it’s do-able!

A common perception of vet school appears to be that you have to be thinking about your course every minute of every day, which isn’t sustainable! Of course it’s very very important to keep on top of everything and not get left behind but it’s equally important to have a life too. You’re at university! You’re surrounded by wide open doors to all sorts of opportunities that you can walk right into, it’s such an amazing opportunity and way too good to miss out on. With this post I just wanted to reiterate the top tips I gave in the last post about time management, asking for help, organisation and self-care and give some evidence that it works!