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Vet Student Blog 5 - Nov 18

Why a place at vet school is the best Christmas present!

With the Christmas holidays quickly approaching and in the

knowledge my previous post about vet school experience was

a little bit of a doom and gloom approach, here is my attempt

to redeem myself!

I absolutely love it here at vet school, it’s so tough and takes a lot of organisation, time and stress management practise but it’s so rewarding and most definitely worth the effort! Recently I have been speaking to fellow vet students (mainly years one to three!) about their favourite things about vet school all in order to bring to you…..

1. “For me, what’s great about vet school are the friendships I’ve made (definitely have friends for life!), learning things I’m interested in all the time, and being able to apply what I’ve learn in the lecture theatre to situations in my future career. EMS brings another set of really great opportunities! I love getting hands on experience and being able to practise what I’ve learned, but also the really lovely vet student community you form from meeting people on placement, a community made up of students from all the different vet schools.”

2. “My favourite things are the clinical practicals, for example this year I got to have a go at doing ultrasound scanning which was incredible! I also love how each year group is like a big family and an amazing source of support for each other, particularly when we get close to exams and other stressful times of year!”

3. “I love the fact that everybody here at vet school is like-minded, we’re all here because we love science and animals and I never feel like the nerd anymore! I also love how practical the course is, with hands on opportunities following almost each and every lecture topic, it’s a great way to understand and cement the content you’re learning. The social side of vet school is also one of the best things about being here, whether that’s meeting up as a small group to study or heading out as an almost entire vet school to big events such as AVS sports weekend!”

4. “I think my favourite thing is how close everyone is and how easy it is to make friends with a vet student- you always have something in common and something to talk about! I honestly don’t think there is anybody here that I could have a friendly conversation with. On top of that, the support network is fantastic! Both lecturers and students from the year groups above us make it crystal clear that from day one there is always somebody to talk to and ask for help from if you’re ever struggling.”

For me personally, I love my course for all the reasons I thought I would back when a place at vet school was the only thing on my Christmas wish list but also for unexpected reasons, like the friends we are able to make. I am super lucky to have both incredible housemates here in Liverpool and an ultra supportive group of North East vet students back home and love being able to hear stories from other vet schools!

So, vet school may be tough with a huge workload and almost constant stress, but it sounds like not one of us would have it any other way!