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 ​February 2019


How many times have you heard this said when people hear you’re a vet

student or applying to vet school? It’s hardly surprising since vet school

is meant to be 5 years of non-stop studying for exams tougher than you

can imagine! Except this isn’t completely accurate…


Here at Liverpool, the preclinical years have just finished mock exam

fortnight and the clinical years are busy studying for their exams coming

up soon. It’s safe to say everyone has been a bit antisocial and a little

apprehensive over the last couple of weeks, but I guess that’s only natural - exams are always scary!


I’m quite open and usually one of the first people to admit that myself and A Level exams really did not get along! I was amongst the few unfortunate people on results day who had been sitting on an offer, then snatched from us because we missed out on those all important grades, which at the time was nothing short of the end of the world for me.


However, I am still here.


With that in mind I just wanted to reflect and say that it doesn’t matter how you get to vet school, whether you came straight from A levels, did a gap year, reset you’re a levels, did a different degree first, or studying as a mature student with a foundation year, we are all here and we all deserve to be here, keep going! And for anybody sitting A levels now, don’t give up hope if you’re finding it tough- A levels are not designed to be easy! Just keep swimming and you’ll get to where you want to be.

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