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Vet Student Blog 8 - Vet Societies

So you’ve heard all about vet school exams, work experience, lectures and teaching practicals, but have you heard just how much fun being at vet school is? It has to be one of the busiest yet most social environments I’ve ever come across!

For anybody who has read my post ‘Why a place at vet school is the best Christmas present’, you’ll probably have noticed that so many of the vet students I spoke to about their highlights mentioned the close-knit nature of vet school communities and how much they love feeling like a family. I reckon we have the various veterinary societies to thank for that!

Here at Liverpool vet school, our Veterinary society, LUVS, is one of the busiest and most active on campus: from Anatomy drawing clubs to sport, from music to formal events, there is something for everyone to join in with. Recently, the amazing LUVS committee and an incredibly dedicated fourth year student have been super busy getting ready for ‘Vet Revue’, our annual sketch show compilation which is judged by one of our lecturers. The evening went down incredibly well with everybody that came along and proved to be a fun and laughter filled evening. I was particularly thrilled that our brand new band were invited to play and got an amazing reception from the audience, particularly when our super talented singer stepped up to the microphone!

It would be so easy going to vet school to forget that you are allowed a life away from lecture notes, which is why societies like LUVS are so important. They’ll definitely help you remember that it’s not all work and no play!