Educating the Veterinary Students of Tomorrow

What to do if you are unsuccessful?

DO NOT PANIC! Having been in the situation of only having rejections by April of upper sixth with my heart set on being a vet I know that it is incredibly hard not to panic. The best piece of advice I got at that point was to forget about it all for a while and just get my head down and work for my exams.

Cue panic again at results day getting AAB which I knew would not be enough to re-apply with the year after. Just don’t forget there are always options. I had many to choose from, gap year, resits, travel, more work experience, new course, complete re-think, clearing? The latter is what I went for and ended up having the best three years at RVC doing bioveterinary sciences. My best advice would be to not lose the original determination you undoubtedly had whatever you end up doing, but if it swerves away from veterinary and you discover other interests then let it happen. There are many people that started out wanting to go on to do veterinary but now do some really cool and interesting jobs! It’s not the be all and end all.

But if like me, that determination to be a vet never goes away then make sure you show it and you will get your goal eventually. Having got to vet school as a graduate, I realised how many people were unsuccessful once, twice, three times, or took a convoluted route to get there. You won’t be alone, far from it. Very few people have a straight-forward ride into vet school, and by the time you start, how you got there is the last thing that matters.